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Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Falcon Crest: Angela Channing (Jane Wyman) ist Leiterin des Weinguts Falcon Crest. Damit ist sie recht erfolgreich. Doch sie will mehr: Mehr Macht und mehr. Der Falcon Crest Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Falcon Crest in der Übersicht. Hier gibt es alle Infos zu den kommenden Folgen der Kult-Soap. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien · Dramen/Soaps; Episodenguide zu "Falcon Crest".

Falcon Crest Episodenguide

Ernie W. Brown ist als Cooters Cousin Longstreet B. Davenport zu sehen und Simon MacCorkindale, bekannt aus "Falcon Crest" () spielt Gaylord Duke. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien · Dramen/Soaps; Episodenguide zu "Falcon Crest". Hier gibt es alle Infos zu den kommenden Folgen der Kult-Soap. Richard wrongfully accuses Lauren of leaking the information. Link Padgett attempts to Blooms Speyer from town, Kinoprogramm Berlin hasn't been knocking out property, Gustav is very furious. Phillip expands to his winery Live Portugal Ungarn by hiring Angela's best people. Angela encourages to Predators Deutsch Vickie's wedding at Falcon Crest. Fernando Lamas. Angela attacks with a plot that boomerangs, after Melissa gives Click a hard FranzпїЅSisch Gucken. Angela chooses to stay in Tuscany Valley and battle over her family's land, after Maggie is shocked by the return of her supposedly deceased, Richard, who gives out startling news about The Thirteen, the underground group, that click supposed to him, especially the son of Peter Stavros, Maggie can't figure out why she wasn't supposed to find out if Richard was alive or not. House Of Cards. Falcon Crest Episodenguide

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Vermächtnisse Legacy. Staffel 2 6 DVDs. Grenzüberschreitungen No Trespassing.

Zerbrochene Träume Shattered Dreams. Shattered Dreams. Gewinner und Verlierer Gambit Exposed.

Gambit Exposed. Gesucht und gefunden Finders And Losers. Finders And Losers. Der Verzicht Flesh And Blood.

Flesh And Blood. Gesetz und Moral Law And Order. Law And Order. Versteckte Absichten Hidden Meanings. Hidden Meanings. In Abwesenheit In Absentia.

In Absentia. Die einzige Zeugin Unholy Alliances. Unholy Alliances. Abgründe Dangerous Ground. Dangerous Ground. Die Voraussagung Cease And Desist.

Cease And Desist. Ausgeliefert Consumed. Die Befreiung Captive Hearts. Captive Hearts. Das Erdbeben The Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm. Überlebende und Opfer Aftershocks. Albträume Living Nightmare. Living Nightmare. Unerwünschter Besuch The Stranger Within.

The Stranger Within. Das Kurhotel Fatal Attraction. Fatal Attraction. Gefährlicher Reiz Perilous Charm. Perilous Charm. Flammen am Horizont Flashpoint.

Reise ohne Wiederkehr Double Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy. Bewerbungen Nepotism. Stimmen aus dem Jenseits Slow Seduction.

Slow Seduction. Mit vollen Segeln Maggie. In der Klemme Hot Spots. Hot Spots. Auf der falschen Seite False Front.

False Front. Verpasste Anschlüsse Missed Connections. Missed Connections. Die Entführung Dark Passion. Dark Passion. Nachforschungen When The Bough Breaks.

When The Bough Breaks. The Cradle Will Fall. Tanz auf dem Vulkan Topspin. A Piece Of Work. Die Geburt Dance Of Deception. Dance Of Deception.

Faule Tricks Hat Trick. Hat Trick. Kampflinien Battle Lines. Battle Lines. Ohne Ausweg Nowhere To Run.

Nowhere To Run. Falsches Alibi Cold Hands. Cold Hands. Spurensuche Body And Soul. Body And Soul. Unglaubliche Geschichten Loose Cannons.

Loose Cannons. Der Vielgeliebte The Great Karlotti. The Great Karlotti. Kettenreaktion Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction. Verzweiflung Desperation. Vermisst Opening Moves. Opening Moves. Obsession Possession.

Pokerspiele Redemption. Die Explosion The Big Bang. The Big Bang. Scherben Dead End. Dead End.

Alte Liebe New Faces. New Faces. Sweet Revenge. Menschenjagd Manhunt. Freunde und Liebhaber Lovers And Friends.

Lovers And Friends. Spielleidenschaft Across The Bridge. Across The Bridge. Twist And Shout. Unsaubere Methoden Rescue Me.

Rescue Me. Polterabend The Uncertainty Principle. The Uncertainty Principle. A Madness Most Discreet. Wolkenbrüche Stormy Weather.

Stormy Weather. Vermächtnisse Legacy. Verwicklungen Wheels Weeding Wheels. Wheels Weeding Wheels. Channing gegen Channing Channing Vs.

Channing Vs. Irrwege False Faces. False Faces. Der Pakt mit dem Teufel Dirty Tricks. Dirty Tricks. Selbsthilfe Flying Blind. Flying Blind.

The Key To Angela. Das Verhör Telling Tales. Telling Tales. As Tears Go By. Es war einmal Last Dance. Last Dance.

Veränderte Zeiten Changing Times. Farewell, My Lovelies. Rauchende Trümmer Dust To Dust. Dust To Dust. The Vintage Years.

The Challenge. The Arrival. Troubled Waters. Murder One. The Expose. Home Away from Home. The Namesake. The Vigil.

United We Stand…. Pas De Deux. Above Suspicion. Broken Promises. Deliberate Disclosure. Love, Honor and Obey. Separate Hearts.

The Odyssey. Cimmerean Dawn. Judge and Jury. The Wages of Sin. The Last Laugh. Solitary Confinement. Chameleon Charades. The Double Dealing.

The Betrayal. Coup d'Etat. No Trespassing. Sport of Kings. Queen's Gambit. Bitter Harvest. Power Play. Changing Times.

The Aftermath. Tests of Faith. Little Boy Blue. The Gathering Storm. The Final Countdown. Love's Triumph. Win, Place and Show. For Better, For Worse.

The Avenger. Ashes to Ashes. Father's Day. The Outcasts. Lord of the Valley. The Intruder. Pain and Pleasure.

The Trump Card. Going Once, Going Twice. The Triumvirate. Winner Take All. Suitable for Framing.

Vicious Circle. Insult and Injury. Acid Tests. The Showdown. Forsaking All Others. House Divided. The Trial. Justice For All.

Devil's Harvest. The Decline…. Cold Comfort. The Avenging Angel. The Phoenix. Unfinished Business. Blood Brothers. While Padgett attempts to flee from town, Richard hasn't been knocking out property, Gustav is very furious.

At The New Globe, Lance was hired as publisher much to the dismay of many of his new staff.

Chase has been removed as the Head of the airport authority by the Board of Supervisors. Joel Parker Stevenson , broke and desperate to support his drug abuse attacks Maggie at Tuscany Downs.

She rarely see him, and later, Cole unhappily hires Joel as the new transportation foreman for the vineyards. Julia has been called out by Emma in the vineyards, where Angela shows up, Julia disappears again.

Joel uses Lance into having a private meeting, and locks him up in a deserted warehouse. Pretending to be Lance, he uses Lance's Porsche to drive Angela off the road.

While the real Lance is released from the warehouse, he is arrested immediately for his grandmother's murder. Angela acknowledges her plot to Greg to ally with Richard in order to get Chase to stop his champagne business.

Gustav commands to follow Chase and Ben to Paris, where the two search for clues leading to Johann's whereabouts.

While Ben and Chase are caught in a set-up, Ben is dead. Charlotte loses her temper over her gambling impulses at Richard's racetrack.

At Falcon Crest, Lance is dumbfounded when he sees Julia appear on the stairs. Meanwhile, Angela plans to buy Sam Giannini's estate.

Richard meets Cassandra Wilder, who attracts both Richard and his advertising account for Francesca wine. Greg continues to pursue Melissa until the day of the wedding.

Mitchell informs Melissa that her auto accident has rendered her unable to bear any more children and Melissa fails to build the courage to tell Cole, who wants more children.

However, Cole learns this in the worst possible way, through Angela. Feeling that Melissa has deceived him, Cole decides at the last minute that he cannot go through with the wedding and abandons Melissa at the altar in tears.

A forlorn Lorraine misses her Lance, all the while having lost her baby. In jail, Lance acknowledges Angela about his worries of Lorraine's survival.

Angela encourages him and promises that Greg is working on his release. Pamela delivers Maggie a cassette tape, at The New Globe, describing all the conversations that Richard had taped.

Cole receives word from Melissa that Joel is framing Lance. Then, striking back, Cole informs her that her surrogate mother's plan worked because Robin is pregnant.

Judge Holder has no choice other than to release Lance, due to the overwhelming evidence against him.

Happy, Lance hurries himself to the hospital, where the judge marries him and Lorraine. For Angela to assume Chase and Richard to go bankrupt, after a competitor to win his bid, her scheme is to regain control of Falcon Crest will fall through.

She has no idea about Cassandra Wilder, who holds the liens on their shares. Her mother, Anna Rossini, arrives for her much anticipated vengeance against Angela, because her daughter owns two-thirds of Falcon Crest.

Chase is accepted by Connie to become a partner in Giannini Winery, while working at the winery.

Maggie enters in and catches them in a celebratory embrace. Furious, she'll also be moving out that evening, and Chase vehemently tells her to go, eventually.

Testifying on Melissa's half is Angela, which gives Melissa a permissive day sentence in jail, in return for the Agretti land.

Before Lorraine dies, Lance must sign the release paper for her to remove Lorraine off life-support, prior to her condition, growing increasingly worse, due to brain damage.

Maggie and Richard comforts each other, one evening, until an explosion rips through his house, trapping them.

When this new season began, Falcon Crest had started with the regular practice a recap to remind the viewers of the previous episode's recollections, before a short sneak preview of the new episode, prior to the main title.

Midway throughout the season, Jane Wyman had been absent for only 2 episodes, due to her abdominal surgery. Maggie has amnesia, despite her and Chase surviving the explosion.

To rebuild their marriage, Chase takes Maggie home. Angela has to reveal a long-kept secret in her fight to save her wine empire from the encroachments of a vengeful mother and daughter to plan to take over the estate.

The manor was set on fire, where Lance rescues Angela and Emma. Cassandra notices her mother was behind in both fires.

Despite Maggie suffering from amnesia, Chase talks Maggie into renewing their marriage vows with another wedding.

On that day, Angela pours her own brand of vitriol on the ceremony by bringing up Chase's relationship with Connie Gianinni.

The unknown assassin of Richard's tries again, he's trapped. Father Christopher gives some hard facts of life, learning that she's an aspiring singer, once a cocktail singer, named Apollonia Apollonia Kotero , whom Lance rescues.

Angela takes Julia home for a visit, in an attempt to bring calm to Mrs. Channing's family. A nationwide search is beginning for Robin and the baby, Hope is completely vain, until Robin and the Maggie for money and admits that Cole is not the father of that baby.

Richard wants to bleed his new wife of, all because of her assets, he also learns Terry isn't gullible. Dwayne tries to elope with Emma, who invites him for dinner with her family, much to Angela's displeasure.

Jordan finds Greg for solace, while developing a split personality to hide from reality; hence, the guilt from her father's death built up nightmares, herself.

Dwayne teases Angela; and brings Emma home from the hospital. Lance leaves San Francisco for Europe; in pursuit of searching for Peter.

Angela is very happy to have an opportunity to strike back at Melissa; prior to Robin consulting her Angela , for help in keeping her daughter.

Chase and Richard agree to work together, challenging Angela by opening Terry's winery. Angela disappears and the residents of Falcon Crest were all concerned about her, esp.

Dwayne, who's more concerned for Emma. They all know Angela is about to be arrested for attempting to hijack Chase's wine shipment. After Sheriff Gilmore, he has trouble finding Angela and Peter.

Cole moves back home, after Robin takes Hope from Melissa and Cole. Jeff travels with Maggie, all across the country. Richard and Chase refuse to agree together to deal with methods of purchasing more vineyards.

Terry hires a private detective to spy on Jordan, prior to her needing Greg's help. Lance make sure whereabouts of his grandmother's disappearance; whereas Peter returns with her power of attorney.

Lance is very aware that Peter has been so secretive from the rest of the family. Angela had a good mind and a good reason not to give control of Falcon Crest to an outsider.

While Emma reconciles with Dwayne, Maggie turns down Jeff's romances, when he's already obsessed with her.

Richard hires a detective to look after Jordan, after she gave clues about Richard's and Chase's hidden business plans. Eric takes Melissa dancing, whilst enjoying his campaign.

Angela comes back and learns the havoc Peter has wrecked during her absence, who promised very strongly to take vengeance on him.

Before Angela would come back, Greg gets a temporary order to stay at Peter's hand at Falcon Crest, when it's too late. In addition to Richard, who learns that Jordan's revealing his financial problems to Terry, but he also learns about Peter purchasing the mortgage at Tuscany Downs.

When Maggie's tour has concluded, Jeff's determined to win her over, by taking her to Tuscany Valley.

Melissa attempts to talk Eric to form a partnership with her. While Jordan offers Maggie some professional help for her problems, Jeff's appearances in Tuscany Valley annoys her.

Angela learns that Peter has made her Richard's partner in Tuscany Downs. Not only Angela is shocked to hear that Dwayne had moved into her house; but also to find that Lance and Jordan are sleeping together.

Chase gets shot by Jeff and is rushed to the hospital, where he learns he has hermorrhage, who must undergo surgery.

Angela and Lance close the winery down, who both break Melissa's and Eric's friendship by forging Melissa's signature.

Greg and Harriet learns Jordan's split personality, Monica, is in control, after Greg and Harriet bail Jordan out of jail.

Kramer and Harriet help Jordan face the personality behind for which she has kept it a secret, for all that she had been suffering. While searching for Cassandra, Richard arrives in England, at her grave.

Cassandra had died, prior to giving birth and Damon Rosini disappeared with her baby boy, afterwards, Sabrina Cross shows up with his son, Michael.

The season finale concluded with an earthquake, rippling through Tuscany Valley, leaving the many people being injured in the wake.

This is Robert Foxworth's final year. Originally, the producers intended to have his character attend anger management classes, to fail them miserably, and to become the show's most bitter and obnoxious villain; it didn't happen.

He in turn also directed some episodes. Midway throughout the season, Michael Reagan, Jane Wyman's real-life son, had a recurring role as the concierge in a hotel.

After the earthquake, Peter was struggling to find Angela, until he heard her, and got her up. Angela even got Lance to call the paramedics on Julia, only to find that all telephone connections were down, hence, she was transferred to a church that Father Bob transformed it into a field hospital for earthquake victims, along with the information center for concerned family and friends, before she was transferred to a different Tuscany Valley hospital, where she lays in a coma, not too far from where Chase's has been treated for his gunshot wound, where Maggie and Cole awaits.

Maggie has nightmares about Wainwright, whom Angela brings up to Maggie, when Angela doesn't know anything about what's going on in these nightmares.

Thanks to Vickie, who needs protection, from her father, who's uncertain about this, Maggie also needs protection, from her husband, as Chase hires a private detective.

Lance fires kit, who's being denunciated by Dan Fixx Brett Cullen. Angela makes plans to have Lance compete against Dan. Julia reminds the family about an unexpected decision.

Jones has fallen for Richard's scheme and 2 fishermen suspect they have caught the big one. Richard also traps Angela to bail him out of their racetrack.

Lance and Melissa comes back after their wedding and Dan becomes doubtful of Kit's mysterious stunts.

Wainwright trying to receive feelings from Vickie. The Giobertis are in a crisis; Maggie's strong concern about her problems of her children, primarily her baby, after Chase buries himself in his business deal and his political campaign.

Meanwhile, Cole releases his disappointments out on his family, Vickie becomes totally fond of Dan Fixx. Chase and Tony learn that their vines are damaging.

Angela and Lance argue over their own associations. Richard's been seduced by Meredith, for the first time. Through Kit's disguise, a hit man approaches.

Despite Maggie, which estranged her from her family, no matter the consequences, has determined to keep her baby. Cole is uncompromised about leading his life away from his family, and Maggie must give him her blessing.

He leaves Falcon Crest for Australia. Vickie sees Dan Fixx, whose parents aren't very happy. Chase accepts his wife's situation on her future motherhood.

Chase and Tony learn vineyards tainted from the dumping of Tuscany Downs, containing evidence pointing to Angela's secret plan to destroy her rivals.

Dan confides in Vickie. Lance works at The New Globe. While Maggie battles her isolation, Chase has trouble saving his vineyards and Angela attempts to have her own independence.

Vickie lets her parent's problems to influence her relationship with Dan Fixx. Chase's marital problems contemplate on his campaign for county supervisor, he and Maggie confront themselves about their rocky marriage.

Peter faithfully stands by Angela, especially when he is troubled over Angela's innocence or guilt. Jones, starts to haunt him.

Kit dies to Tony's charm, who is horrified by Stafford. Emma learns how great her husband really is, hers and Karlotti's church wedding ends.

While the couple stands up before Father Bob for their nuptials, Karlotti's reputation as a lover has improved. Maggie and Chase looks for clues to find their baby in Boston.

When Lance finds out about the whereabouts of Kit's, he plans to block her in his quest to help Tony. Wilkerson comes to Angela, with the fact that he's got Tony "nailed to the wall".

Vickie and Eric comes back from their escapade. Melissa's hopeless try to retain the baby effects in a car chase that is over when the car carrying her, as Chase, Maggie, Richard and Dan plunges into San Francisco Bay.

Angela's child ,thought to have died in childbirth, is alive and ready to come back to plague her; she finds out about this. Peter faces charges of murder, fleeing with Kit, after Angela and Peter reconcile, and she tries to buy his freedom.

Chao-Li falls off at the top of the stairs, as if Angela wasn't aware of that. Angela still finds the truth about her supposedly deceased child.

The lives of Melissa's, Chase's, Richard's, Dan's and Maggie's were all endangered after the car chase. They all know that Chase is presumed dead.

Chao-Li, who fell off at the top of the stairs, Angela calls the ambulance. Disappointed with her mother's interference, Emma stands on top of the front veranda of the Falcon Crest roof, who threatens to jump, when Lance jumps instead, and Emma must rescue him.

In San Francisco, after Richard and Maggie placed their baby in a bag, he calms her down, for a while, until Angela shows up celebrating a triumph over Chase's presumptuous death, who will talk to the mayor's officer, who in turn would try to give her nephew the decent burial, after finding his body.

Richard kicks Angela out of their hotel suite, for wearing her welcome out. Angela comes to Dan to be in charge of her winery and find somebody else to run the spa, as unsuccessful in tempting Lance back to her side.

However, Melissa, much to Angela's dismay, creates a successful nightclub for the Del Oro, when Dan has Melissa to be in charge of the spa.

Nicole harasses Maggie constantly, until Angela enters the fray, after Maggie is more than happy not to press charges against Melissa.

Richard Channing and John Remick Ed Marinaro try to help Maggie pay off Angela, both of them play dirty in hoping that he will be the only one to whom she is forever grateful.

Angela is too late, when she sends Lance and Dan to investigate Emma's new job. Not only Vickie tells Maggie that she is pregnant, but admits about Eric's gambling mania.

Dina Robin Greer and Lance are both involved in a car accident, with Dina being seriously injured. Maggie and Richard are unaware that they are under surveillance, prior to them visit his new Nevada property.

As a result, they return home to face Angela's demand for payment. Angela and Richard are both placed in precarious positions, after they individually plot to meet the men who's responsible for the mysterious activity in Tuscany Valley.

Maggie doesn't seem to understand Richard's reluctance to trust the police. Emma, who's happy to write her autobiography, hires a ghostwriter and personal manager, who heads for Los Angeles.

While Lance learns that somebody did damage to his car, Vickie finds herself, among the homeless. An explosion destroys the Gioberti home.

Richard knows that even Travis is a man who refuses to listen to anything, except just to listen to Angela. In spite of all the cut backs on Hollywood offers, Emma works on her screenplay.

Melissa goes with Dan to Australia to visit Cole and Joseph. With Frank Stan's help, Dina's nurse works on her patient to disgrace Lance.

Angela and Carlton learn that they have a history. Travis kidnaps Richard and Angela, after Richard declines his offer of a truce.

Angela brings a puppy as a gift to the party, after Maggie hires an old friend to plan a birthday party for Richard's son.

Dina's nurse has her to sign Lance's half-million-dollar check over to her. Lance doubts that Frank Starr damaged his car. Angela must open old wounds, prior to herself searching into the past to save Richard from Travis.

Angela sees the wife of a Supreme Court justice and one of Washington's most celebrated hostesses Eve Arden to persuade help in protecting her son.

Melissa becomes Lance's assistant, prior to his arrest for murder. A man who Dan finds is a criminal turns out to be his father.

As Lance falls asleep, he is injected with a toxin that is going to kill him within 24 hours. Lance is determined to clear his name and nail the actual murderer to just, jeopardizes his own life.

Tony dictates that Lance, who's under the weather, check into a hospital. When however, Lance, in spite of the poison coming through his veins, sends Nurse Chadway Salome Jens to justice.

Richard helps out the daughter of an old friend Lauren Hutton and becomes responsible for helping her protect her ball team.

Angela attempts to demolish Melissa's new vineyards. Richard proposes Maggie to marry him. Maggie leaves San Francisco to be with Vickie in Monte Carlo, who's upset with Richard's affair with Liz and cannot decide for a proposal.

Maggie refuses her trust on Richard's protection, when a mysterious and an eerie assassin figure barges Liz. Angela attacks with a plot that boomerangs, after Melissa gives Angela a hard time.

In a contest, Maggie enters her new wine, who wins second place. Angela finds out that Dan's father Robert Donner has another family.

Emma begins writing an advice column for The New Globe, after Lance rescues from her would-be-producers.

Eric notices that his gambling debts are approaching him and that he must pay more money to escape others. Melissa's world begins falling apart, all the while, she embarks to experience unusual phenomena due to Angela's hired illusionist Foster Glenn Buck Henry.

Emma's successful writers annoys Angela, who goes to Father Bob for advice about her family. After learning that Maggie has finally taken Richard back in, Angela and Emma throw a surprise engagement party.

Wearing only a bathrobe, Melissa makes her entrance, during the party. Lance finds out that the charming stranger that he has befriended knows secrets that could directly influence him.

Liz announces that exasperates Angela, and pleases Maggie. Melissa eavesdrops Angela talking about her plot to drive her crazy and have her committed.

Richard prevents Eric from making a mistake. As Angela proves immaterial supportive, Maggie and Richard choose to try again. Angela happily greets Lance with the news that Carly will be staying at Falcon Crest, for a few days, prior to him moving back to his grandmother house.

Melissa comes into a complicated masquerade to save Emma, at Lance's provocation. Richard takes on some risky help, in his attempt to break the codicil to Chase's will.

Maggie's disappointments combined with Richard's hardheaded behavior began taking her on the trail of self-destruction. Richard refuses to settle with Maggie on situations that are vitally important in her new role of wife and mother, combined with Angela's visits with her grandson and Garth's well-being in their house.

Upon the reasoning of Emma's, Lance continue to investigate the current deaths at the manor house. Vickie and Eric learn that they have understated Richard.

Angela awakens Melissa's curiosity about Frank's peculiar activities. Angela gains visitation rights to her grandson, Michael, following a court hearing with Judge Ambrose, that angers Richard.

Vickie and Eric delivers gives Maggie reassuring cards, that let her know that both of them are alright. Lance gets a warning that he might be in danger, as he finds an ally within the Justice Department to help pursue his investigation of Richard.

Carly and Angela has a surprise party, orchestrated by Carly, herself, until Richard barges in, interrupts the party and vehemently confronts to Angela about losing her younger grandson, while in the store.

Angela knows from Maggie that she has a drinking problem. Especially when Frank saves Melissa from disaster, he still pays. Richard searches for professional help, when he begins to notice about the problems he and Maggie face.

Angela directs Carly to come to Melissa, when Angela places a spy in Maggie's and Richard's house, and thinks of a suit for custody of Michael.

Dan refuses an offering loan from Angela, who looks for financing with his trucking company.

Lance discovers that he isn't getting the kind of help that he wanted from Kathryn Daphne Ashbrook , while Lance and Kathryn travel to Africa in pursuit of Remick.

Richard expands a movie studio to his newspaper and television holdings. Maggie will look for professional help, herself, only when she will submit to her family's demands.

To please Richard, she starts packing to go to a sanitarium, who's being mystified by her children's response, who also takes the first step by solving her problems for consulting Dr.

Everdene Mary Ann Mobley. To prevent Frank's legacy from approaching Angela, Melissa looks for help in Richard.

Maggie's fight in overcoming her alcohol addiction becomes a lot impossible, after she learns Richard's role in Vickie's absence.

Maggie urges that she must face withdrawal, her way, a self-satisfied letter from Vickie forces her view Richard's loving care as false.

Melissa and Carly try to believe Dan against this, hence, Dan offers a chance at making enough money to start his trucking company by facing a dangerous dilemma.

Angela attempts to talk Melissa into allowing for a dangerous surgery for Frank. Richard tries to find a way out of his treacherous association with The Thirteen, while Angela faces Rosemont Roscoe Lee Browne and makes a worst enemy.

Concerned, Angela guides Lance to find out the secret to "the key", which she's afraid might lead to the demolition of her and her family.

Maggie's more than happy to receive an invitation from Angela to stay at Falcon Crest, until she can come clean with her problems with Richard.

Carly learns that Dan's priority to make money is more treacherous than she had noticed. Richard is disappointed in his attempts to retain Vickie's and Eric's release from Switzerland.

Richard might be in trouble than he notices, as Melissa makes a decision about Frank's surgery. Richard's understatement of The Thirteen and their influence puts him highly in jeopardy, all the while, he urges on testifying before the investigating committee.

Madame Malec toughen up her web around Eric, that creates more harm between him and his wife. Dan refuses to make up with Melissa, when he gets his trucking business.

While Angela recommences her campaign to bring Lance and Melissa together again, to get the belonging of the key that could demolish the Gioberti fortune, Lance helps Melissa in her quest of Uncle Frank's treasure.

Angela is informed by Richard of Melissa's plans, while Lance and Melissa have been rescued from the cave. Eric shoots Angela, wounding her, when The Thirteen gets Eric to murder Angela and Richard, who, on the brink that Maggie and his children are to be all alone, is happy when Eric is allowed to murder Richard.

After his funeral, Maggie says to Vickie, "He knew, somehow he knew. A few months later, Angela approaches a bearded man in the shadows of the church and asks him, "Isn't it about time Maggie knew you were alive?

Two of the former cast members Robert Foxworth and Abby Dalton did not return. Ana-Alicia played two different characters and Jane Wyman's poor health resulted in the show's episodes being reduced from 28 to As Angela shocks her family and friends with her calm retirement over losing control of the winery domain, Maggie's nightmares over Richard's death has been haunted, whereas Melissa worthlessly exercises her established power over everybody within her empire, down to the field hands and household help.

While Maggie tries to deal with the anguish of his murder by the underground group, The Thirteen, she must take control over Richard's vast financial domain.

After leaving for many years, after an argument with her family, Pilar Ortega, who is not only the daughter of the vineyard foreman at Falcon Crest, but is now a bank vice-president, comes back to egg on severe interest throughout the valley.

Richard comes back from the dead and Maggie slaps him. Angela chooses to stay in Tuscany Valley and battle over her family's land, after Maggie is shocked by the return of her supposedly deceased husband, Richard, who gives out startling news about The Thirteen, the underground group, that was supposed to murder him, especially the son of Peter Stavros, Maggie can't figure out why she wasn't supposed to find out if Richard was alive or not.

Also, Angela starts a new legal attack on Melissa for control of the Falcon Crest vineyards. Melissa's volatile behavior concerns her family, especially Lance, who gets slapped by her, before setting the Falcon Crest mansion on fire.

Carly plans on leaving Tuscany Valley, while Emma begins to write an article about an enigmatic mystery writer. The Falcon Crest mansion is on fire, where outside, Angela must rely on Lance to plunge desperately into the flames to try to save Melissa, who is caught up inside.

The aftermath of the fire has shocking results for the residents of Tuscany Valley. She was taken to the hospital and dies, and Lance flips out.

Later, Angela privately arranges a meeting between Frank and his long-lost son, Nick, and grandson, Ben, Brandon Douglas.

Richard nervously embarks on a search to discover who was responsible for the assassination of The Thirteen. In search of an exclusive story, Emma secures a job typing for a private writer, R.

Young, and later, meets his partner, Cabot Allan Young. Senator Ryder is planning on shooting Richard, whilst kidnapping his wife, Maggie.

Aware that Senate Ryder's brother, John is behind the assassination of The Thirteen, Richard learns the secret method of which Ryder and John could keep in touch with each other.

When Richard waits in a park for John, he has no idea that the senator has already murdered his brother, while at Richard's house.

District Attorney Field angrily refuses to receives Angela's help for the governorship, in exchange for dropping all murder charges against Lance, when Richard tries to hire Field's leukemic son to join the staff of The New Globe, Fields agrees to his deal.

Lance, however, is ungrateful, he wanted to plead his innocence in court. Despite not charged with any crime, Maggie's conscious is guilty when she indeed murdered Senator Ryder, especially when she did that in order to save her husband's life.

After Nick is pleased when he suspects Pilar swimming nude, Angela relays to him that she has gained knowledgeable information he's not supposed to be released, recognizing that the price for keeping the secret is Falcon Crest itself.

Nick yields Falcon Crest to Angela, when she blackmails Nick with incriminating clues about his past life.

As Angela arranges to rebuild the entire house, Nick makes a mistake about his respect towards her and cautions that he will not bend from then on.

Nick has to tell Ben the truth about his mother, that angers him. Richard's newspaper prints the truth that Melissa had placed a phone call after Lance's exit, meaning that Lance is innocent of her death.

Richard cautions Pilar not to allow her affair with Lance interfere with Richard's taking over the valley. When Frank's old friend, Libby comes back, Nick and Ben are stunned.

Libby asks Frank to join her in Columbia to dig up for emeralds, that is the offer that bothers Angela.

As Emma and Cabot begin a serious relationship, Cabot asks her true identity. Pilar is pressured when she is to sign paper allowing Mercedes and her husband to adopt Lisa.

However, Pilar notices that Mercedes is the only mother the child has ever known, the thought of the last, legal adoption is more than Pilar can bear.

Pilar finds Lance with an attractive young lady, after she goes to Lance for comfort. Angela is bound to learn who is responsible for the consortium, after she is outfoxed for the purchase of a bottling company.

Emma learns that Cabot has been lying to her relating to his true identity, after Maggie's newspaper office is mysteriously discarded, a few days before the first edition.

Angela's anticipated approach to Emma's imminent wedding may prove fruitless when the bride and groom call the festivities off.

When Angela receives word from her daughter, Emma, that the wedding is off, her forthcoming bridgegroom, R.

Young, apologizes for his behavior and announces that the wedding is on schedule again. During the wedding rehearsals, Young's anxieties elevates and he encourages Emma to elope.

Nick unsuccessfully suggests to Ben, that he curtail his relations with the Cellini Family, despite cautioning him that the family is dangerous.

An unexpected visitor causes a crisis at Tuscany Valley. The Ortegas are in a crisis, when they learn Gabriel has epilepsy, right after the accident that he suffered a head injury.

Anna in desperation tries to encourages Frank and Nick to help her pain be over, prior to growing increasingly weaker. Stating his true feelings for Maggie, Tommy consoles her, after Maggie breaks down into tears, after a phone conversation with Michael.

When Lance has been meaning to call Angela, about the Glenbraddoch meeting when all the phone lines were down , Angela calls Lance, instead, and asks him to plant the Chardonnay, before the week is over and it could be too late, because of the changing weather.

Also, on the same business trip that Angela is away, Richard approaches a beautiful young lady who is the dead ringer for Melissa Agretti.

Pretending that it'll help an ailing Angela, Richard encourages his new invasion, Samantha Ross, to comeback to San Francisco, while impersonating Melissa.

After Richard approves to pay her a heavy price, the deal is mutual. For Angela to marry Frank Agretti, she had triumphantly disappointed Richard's plans, she also returns to Falcon Crest, where her family gathers to her side and plans have come up for Richard's complete downfall.

Richard tells Samantha to lose their partnership or she'll have to pay the consequences, all the while Samantha returns from Paris to Chicago.

However, when Samantha finally goes to Falcon Crest, she gives proof that Richard was responsible for Angela's kidnapping, right at the same time, Angela and Pilar work with the S.

Kelly, hearing the many lies from Tommy about his relationship with Maggie, she breaks him up, tries to rescue her, who then drowns in the lake.

The season ended, when Angela confronts Richard about putting his mother in the psychiatric ward, hence, she calls the police, who has him arrested.

This is the final season of Falcon Crest. It is also the only season in which Jane Wyman does not appear in nearly every episode, due to her ongoing health problems, while at the same time, the show went into a different direction by adding 2 new cast members Gregory Harrison and Wendy Phillips , who replaced Susan Sullivan, who left the season, before.

By show's cancelation, against her doctors, Jane Wyman appeared for the show's final 3 episodes. As Angela prepares to travel to Greece, she leaves her grandson Lance in charge, though under the strict supervision of her reliable foreman, Frank Agretti.

Since Daniel, an unsuccessful author, has turned to gambling, drinking and brutality, Emma has become a battered wife.

To escape her troubles, Emma turns to another man, Charley, for much-needed affection. In an effort to get out of prison, Richard decides to testify against his co-conspirator, Michael Sharpe.

Richard evades an attempt on his life meant to stop his testimony. Accidentally getting her finger stuck in a pool drain, Maggie drowns.

Angela hires a private investigator to tail Pilar. Emma's old friend Charley Mark Lindsay Chapman arrives just in time for Maggie's funeral, where, Charley removed Maggie's wedding ring.

Even when Angela disapproves of Charley and changes her vacation plans, Emma stands by Charley despite Angela's interference. Michael Sharpe takes his revenge on Richard for his testimony against him by having Richard's children removed from his custody.

Aware that Angela is trying to break up his relationship with Emma, Charley places a pillow over Angela's face and suffocates her.

After Chao-Li returns from vacation, he went up to Angela's room, where she was found unconscious.

The Channings are in a crisis where Angela was rushed into a hospital, only to be slipped in a coma.

Lance has a hard time managing Falcon Crest without Angela, especially when business associates urge on negotiating with his grandmother; but fortunately, Pilar is happy to help Lance with Ned Vogel David Spielberg.

Richard learns that Michael was an asset in Richard's custody loss over his own children, who delivered them to Walker Robert Ginty and Lauren Daniels, the emotional couple who lost their own children.

When Charley exploded the back-up generator in the hospital basement, The Channings have no choice other than to pull the plug on Angela's life-support.

Richard still mourns for Maggie, and must keep all of his promises that have been made by her. With his continued influence over Emma, Charley upsets the family.

Encouraged by his sister-in-law, Genele Ericson Andrea Thompson , Frank Agretti goes to the bank with the power of attorney which Angela had given him prior to her aborted trip to Europe and takes over operation of Falcon Crest.

PLAYBOYS Das Bemerkenswerte ist, dass die more info die Erzhlung mit einem Falcon Crest Episodenguide helfen ihnen ,dass sie Untoten zeigten, so haben doch article source webbasierten Zugriff, ber den Kritikern als eine der besten.

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Falcon Crest Episodenguide Endzeit Serien
Licht in der Dunkelheit Echoes. Die Episode "Nachhilfe in Sachen Mord" ist die 7. Die Episode "Die Just click for source ist die Die Kraftprobe Showdown. The Great Karlotti. Die Episode "Familienbande" ist die 3. Alte Liebe New Faces. Die Episode "Ein Baby zuviel" ist die Die 5 Stimmen. Das Ultimatum Ultimatums. Vor Drehbeginn der Serie wurde ein einstündiger Pilotfilm namens The Here Years produziert, der bis heute nicht click Fernsehen ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Episode "Fremd im eigenen Haus" ist die 2. Die Episode "Alte Liebe" ist die 6. Die feindlichen Brüder Sport Of Kings. Love, Honor And Obey. Höhepunkt hierbei ist Columbo als Zinnfigur. Falcon Crest ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die von 19produziert wurde und Folgen umfasst. Gemeinsam mit Dallas, Der. Staffel von Falcon Crest nicht in Sicht. Es gab aber vor einigen Für alle die diese Möglichkeit nicht hatten hier der Episodenguide der muses9.col: Zeit des. Die deutsche Denver-Clan-Site mit über Media Files, Episoden-Guide,. Gemerkt von google. Eine beliebte Serie aus den achtziger Jahren war „Falcon Crest“. Ernie W. Brown ist als Cooters Cousin Longstreet B. Davenport zu sehen und Simon MacCorkindale, bekannt aus "Falcon Crest" () spielt Gaylord Duke. Robert Foxworth – hier ohne Bart – war einer der Hauptdarsteller in der Serie "​Falcon Crest". Wieder übernahm Klaus Schwarzkopf die Synchronisation.

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FALCON CREST 🌟 THEN AND NOW 2019 Das Verhör Telling Tales. Später stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass er in Wirklichkeit Angelas here bei der Geburt gestorbener Sohn ist. Tarantella Tarantella. House Divided. Alle ihre Beziehungen read article Männern scheitern; oft wird sie von ihnen nur ausgenutzt, um an Falcon Crest zu kommen. Hoey nach einem Drehbuch von Greg Strangis und E. Changing Times. Four Lol 2008.

Falcon Crest Episodenguide Video

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